Judah & the Lion Release New Song Featuring Kacey Musgraves

Judah & the Lion kicked off their Wednesday morning by releasing a heartfelt new track with Grammy Award winning artist, Kacey Musgraves. To introduce the new song titled ‘Pictures’, Judah wrote a note sharing his inspiration behind the song. “Sometimes you have to talk about the things that are most personal to you in order to move forward. A lot of this record dives into what I, personally, have been dealing with—-My family went through a rough patch a few years ago and, as a result of it all, my parents found themselves in the middle of a hard divorce. I felt helpless. hurt. angry. Mostly at them and the “whys” in all of it. This record dives into that.But writing this song really helped me see them as people and allowed me to back away from my own “rage” — and look into theirs.”  Give the song a listen and see Judah & the Lion take the stage at Forecastle this July. 
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