Louisville Yelp Survey Results

Making plans for your Forecastle Weekend? Check out the results of the Forecastle x Yelp Eat, Drink, and Play Survey — providing you with 15 Louisville spots not to be missed while celebrating our 15 years of Forecastle!

What restaurants should visitors to the Louisville area go to at least once? (Choose up to three)

Winner: Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse, The Silver Dollar, Hammerheads


What is your must-try pizza joint in the Louisville area?

Winner: The Post


And tacos? You have to have tacos! 

Winner: El Taco Luchador


A burger might hit the spot. Where do you like to get your burger on? 

Winner: Mussel and Burger Bar


Let’s go out for Louisville’s take on Southern fare. Where would you go?

Winner: Feast BBQ


Some eats are best when served out of a tiny window, atop four wheels. What food truck do you keep a special eye out for?

Winner: Hi-Five Doughnuts


Let’s go to the first meal of the day: brunch. What is your fave spot to start the morning?

Winner: Wild Eggs


The night shouldn’t end with the last concert! What are some of your must-visit watering holes? (Choose up to three.)

Winners: Garage Bar, The Back Door, and Holy Grale


You have a hankering for bourbon or at least some cocktails — you’re in Louisville after all! Where do you go?

Winner: The Silver Dollar 


Where are the beer options the best in Louisville?

Winner: Holy Grale


But sometimes we want beer straight from the source. What brewery is best in your eyes?

Winner: Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse


What attractions would you hit up if you had an extra day to spend in Louisville, before or after Forecastle? (choose up to 3)

Winner: Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger Museum, Speed Art Museum


Kentucky is known for bourbon after all. What distillery — bourbon or otherwise — gets you in the spirit?

Winner: Jeptha Creed


When you’ve got some cash to burn, where do you go for a one-of-a-Louisville-kind shopping experience? (Choose up to three.)

Winner: Butchertown Market, Revelry Boutique Gallery, Carmichael’s Bookstore


 Imagine that three days jam-packed with music just aren’t enough. Where do you recommend catching some live entertainment?

Winner: Zanzabar

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