Don’t just go to Forecastle, be a part of it!

Forecastle will be looking for some outstanding volunteers to help us put on the 2015 festival.

Forecastle Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must pay a $20 non-refundable application fee
  • Must put down a $180 deposit that will be refunded shortly after the festival as long as you complete your work assignments
  • Must show up for all assigned shifts on time, sober, wearing proper attire, and ready to work until you are dismissed.

You’ll have your choice of three different schedule tracks:

PRE-Show: Must be available to work a minimum of 18 hours spread into 3 six-hour shifts between July 13th and 16th. Yes, you work a few more hours than During-Show volunteers, but you’re done before the festival ever starts.

During-Show: Must be available to work a minimum of 12 hours spread into 2 six-hour shifts between July 17th and 19th. Sure, you work during the festival, but you will work one less shift and are guaranteed one full day off during the festival to enjoy the shows.

During/Post-Show: Must be available to work a minimum of 18 hours spread into 1 six-hour shift between July 17th and 19th and 2 six-hour shifts between July 20th and 21st. If you’re willing to stick around and work after the festival, you’ll only have to miss a small portion of the event and are guaranteed two full days off during the festival to enjoy the shows.

What do you get?

In exchange for your contribution to the success of an amazing event, you will receive a festival t-shirt to commemorate your experience and access to the festival whenever you aren’t working.

What do you do?

You have two different types of work that you can sign up for:

Forecastle Logistics: These volunteers work in a variety of areas throughout the festival helping with any number of tasks. You could be helping build an art project, setting up different fan experience areas, or working in customer service related jobs among other things. These jobs could possibly include some heavy lifting.

Clean Vibes: These volunteers are all about maintaining and preserving a clean site. You could be helping assure that our fans are properly disposing of their trash, recyclable, and compostable products, helping prep the site each morning before the festival opens, or helping clean up the site after the event ends. These jobs could also possibly include some heavy lifting.

How do you sign up?

Applications are live now!

To apply for one of the Forecastle Logistics positions, please go here.

To apply for one of the Clean Vibes positions, please go here.

If you’re interested in promotional support, please sign up for the AC Entertainment Street Team where you can earn points for tickets to concerts and events, including Forecastle 2015. Click here to join!