Kentucky is the epicenter of Bourbon – seriously, 95% of the world’s Bourbon is produced here! As a result, Forecastle is about much more than just the music. The Forecastle Bourbon Lodge has grown into a Forecastle headliner all its own, featuring local eats, drinks, and festival perks that are unrivaled!  For the second year, we are partnering with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to make our Bourbon Lodge a truly immersive experience, with additional culinary experiences, bourbon activities, and more!

New this year, the Lodge will introduce the Bourbon Cares program, a unique partnership between several bourbon brands and Forecastle bands, featuring special single-barrel selections, available only in the Forecastle Bourbon Lodge. Members of Spoon will hand-select a barrel from Four Roses Bourbon, JJ Grey & Mofro from Heaven Hill, and Spanish Gold from Woodford Reserve. Proceeds from Bourbon Cares will benefit The Forecastle Foundation.

In addition, we’ll be presenting an exclusive culinary experience from some of Louisville’s top restaurant chefs and creators: Adam Burress and Chase Mucerino of Hammerheads, Game, and new favorite Loop 22. They’ll bring their  expertise to an exclusive, pop-up restaurant within the Lodge.

Come try a taste of Kentucky with the Forecastle Festival and celebrate bourbon responsibly!

All ages allowed into the Bourbon Lodge / Must be 21+ to enjoy Bourbon.

Bourbon distilleries from all over Kentucky will feature a variety of carefully selected offerings. Experienced and novice bourbon drinkers will find a unique and varied selection of bourbons to be served neat or on the rocks, synthesizing a true distillery tasting experience. Explore the offerings below!


    • Four Roses Single Barrel
    • Four Roses Small Batch
    • Four Roses Yellow Label
    • Four Roses Private Selection Bourbon

    • Larceny
    • Evan Williams Single Barrel
    • Elijah Craig 12
    • Berheim Wheat

    • Jim Beam Black
    • Jim Beam Single Barrel
    • Booker’s
    • Knob Creek

    • Maker’s Mark
    • Maker’s 46

    • US*1 Small Batch Bourbon
    • US*1 Single Barrel Rye

    • Town Branch
    • Lyons Reserve

    • Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon
    • Wild Turkey Rare Breed

    • Woodford Reserve
    • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
    • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Single Barrel
    • Old Forester Signature

Bourbon Lodge activities will include Fireside Chats, presented by Liquor Barn, offering an intimate, living-room setting for bourbon education. Festival-goers will have the chance to chat with master distillers and bourbon experts on everything from the spirit’s unique Kentucky history and attributes, to the distillation process and more.

Times and chats are subject to change without notice.

  • Friday, 7/18

    The Bourbon Distillation, Barreling & Aging Process

    An in-depth examination of the bourbon distillation, aging and barreling process. Speakers include Adam Johnson (director of Kentucky Bourbon Trail), Chris Lady (Town Branch Brewery supervisor), Pamela Heilmann (distiller, vice president of production at Michters), and Larry Kass (Heaven Hill director of corporate communications).

    Celebrity Bartending with Spoon

    Members of Spoon take a turn serving up a drink crafted from their Bourbon Cares artist-select bourbon.

    Master Distiller's Meet-n-Greet

    Meet the minds behind the magic - master distillers from select bourbon brands will be available in the Liquor Barn Speakeasy to answer all questions bourbon. Speakers include Adam Johnson (director of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail), Mark Coffman (master distiller for Town Branch), Willie Pratt (master distiller for Michters), and Pamela Heilmann (distiller, vice president of production at Michters).

  • Saturday, 7/19

    Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    Discover the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with Kentucky Bourbon Trail director Adam Johnson. Map, distilleries, Q&A, and more.

    The Bourbon Challenge

    When tasting bourbon, where do you start? Learn from the pros. An inside look into the appearance, aroma, flavor, finish, and other complexities associated with the tasting of Kentucky Bourbon. Speakers include Adam Johnson (director of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail), Jane Bowie (senior heritage team member for Maker's Mark), Craig Weiter (Barrel Program manager for Knob Creek), and Marianne Barnes (Master Taster for Woodford Reserve).

    Cooking with Bourbon

    Exploring the culinary connations of Kentucky Bourbon food pairings. Learn tips on how to add that bold bourbon flavor to spice up some everyday meals with Bourbon Line's owner/creator Terra Nelson and the Food Network's Damaris Phillips.

    Billy Goat Strut Revue

    Picture a smoky bar in early-to-mid 20th century New Orleans, filled with musicians playing the songs of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Cab Calloway, with cabaret dancers on tables. Add a dash of Kentucky flavor and you have BOURBON JAZZ, the latest release from Billy Goat Street Revue.

    Celebrity Bartending with Patrick Hallahan of Spanish Gold

    Patrick takes a turn serving up a drink crafted from his Bourbon Cares artist-select bourbon.

  • Sunday, 7/20

    The History of Kentucky Bourbon

    From its creation in 1785 to worldwide acclaim today, a look back at unique history behind America's signature spirit, featuring Al Young (brand ambassador for Four Roses).

    Why Kentucky?

    Why is 95% of the world's bourbon from KY? Learn about Kentucky's unique blend of water, weather, tradition, methods, and more with Adam Johnson (director of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail)!

    The Bourbon Purchasing Process

    The difference between single barrel, small batch, blended, and bonded bourbons. Speakers include Brad Williams (Liquor Barn) and Larry Kass (Heaven Hill director of corporate communications).

  • Enjoy a pour in the air-conditioned lodge or step out onto the spacious patio to take in the sights and sounds of Forecastle.

  • Craving a Mint Julep or a Manhattan? Visit the Mixology Station presented by Liquor Barn to turn your bourbon of choice into a handcrafted cocktail.

  • To top it all off, full-service, air-conditioned restrooms will be available exclusively for patrons of the Bourbon Lodge.

Culinary Experience

The creators of Hammerheads, Game, and Loop 22 are excited to announce they will be teaming up with Forecastle to bring some exciting bourbon infused Southern classics to the Bourbon Lodge, and what goes better with bourbon than barbeque? That’s exactly what these chefs are bringing to you. Local bourbon barrel smoked meats with infused barbeque sauce. Bring on the bourbon and the smoke!

Option One

  • For $10.00, fans will gain entry into the Lodge and receive 10 tickets.
  • Each ticket is worth $1.00 and can be used to purchase food and drink inside the Lodge.
  • Fans can re-enter the Lodge by showing a ticket.
  • If fans are out of tickets, a minimum purchase of 10 tickets is required to re-enter the Lodge.

Option Two

  • Become an official member of the Bourbon Lodge.
  • For $20.00, fans will gain entry into the Lodge and receive 10 tickets.
  • Each ticket is worth $1.00 and will be used to purchase food and drink inside the Lodge.
  • Official members will also receive a commemorative Bourbon Lodge double walled, steel mug from Eco Vessel. While supplies last!
  • This mug will allow official members to re-enter the Bourbon Lodge at any time throughout the weekend, with or without having tickets on hand.
  • Must be 21+ to purchase.

And Introducing . . . The Gonzo Bar


Located near The Lodge by the entrance of the Harbor Lawn, this year will also debut a new bar commemorating the legacy of Gonzo journalist and Kentucky bourbon aficionado, Hunter S. Thompson, whose posthumous 77th birthday would have fallen on the first day of Forecastle. The Gonzo Bar, a Hunter-themed bourbon bar presented by White Clay Consulting, will offer a variety of bourbons and specialty cocktails inspired by the iconic writer.