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Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks

Ready to purchase your weekend pass, travel package, or payment plan at noon EST? Read up on our Ticketmaster tips and tricks to make your buying experience smooth sailing. See you at high noon!

Add favorites and alerts to get email reminders before every onsale. You can also become thier fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for even more onsale reminders.

Set up a My Ticketmaster account now with your billing info and you’ll speed through checkout when every second counts. Important: sign in before your event goes on sale.

Strike the second big events go on sale. Keep in mind the local time zone if you’re buying tickets for an event far away from home.

Save time by searching Best Available, which scans all sections fast – it’s quicker than searching sections one at a time.

Use only one browser window or risk losing your tickets! We bar multiple windows to stop unfair automated programs that shut you out. (Hint: you can use more than one computer…your laptop perhaps?)

Don’t refresh your browser every second or your computer will be blocked (another automated program prevention measure). Yes, you should refresh during the onsale, but no more than every 2 – 3 seconds.


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